Banquet Hall Attendant (Baltimore, MD)

Banquet Hall Attendant (Baltimore, MD)

Posted 03 Aug 2023

  • Maryland
  • $15.00 - $18.00
  • Full time
  • editor

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The position of Hall Attendant is essential to the success of the company’s catering function. A Hall Attendant is assigned to service a specific ball room in a location. The basic functions of the Hall Attendant are to assist with:

  • Ballroom set up
  • Ballroom breakdown
  • BalI room changeover
  • Food service
  • Pick-up

Hall Attendant abilities and skills are critical to the performance of their duties:

  • Ability to lift, bend and push
  • Ability to work effectively and considerately with others
  • Ability to be a contributing team member
  • Friendliness and pleasantness
  • Neat appearance
  • Dependability and reliability
  • Ability to take direction and follow directions
  • Greet and be polite to all customers

Duties and Responsibilities:

Ballroom Set-up (before the event)

  • Deliver all equipment and supplies to ballroom prior to the function
  • Assist in setting up room including buffets, decorations and display items
  • Set up carts and racks
  • Set-up back hall breakdown table
  • Sweep lobby area, especially entry ways
  • Make sure plate warmers is heated up ahead of service time
  • Clean chafing dishes
  • Keep assigned ballroom clean and neat at all times

Before and/or during the Event

  • Vacuum lobby, if asked
  • Vacuum offices and bridal suites, if asked
  • Clean ashtrays
  • Clean restrooms, if necessary
  • Assist manager with committee requirements

During Event

  • Set-up seconds buffet
  • Carry dinners to serving stations if applicable
  • During buffet service or hors d’oeuvres, make sure all food is replenished immediately. If more than one line, food can be spooned to other buffet line (no dumping). Position hot boxes of food (if applicable)
  • Assist waitresses in getting materials during event (e.g. extra glasses, carrying trays, )
  • Assist in replenishing glassware at the bar
  • Assist with pick-up carts after food service
  • Rack glasses at the breakdown station; follow silverware cleaning
  • Get china, silver, and glassware to the dish room as soon as possible. Wait for dish room to clean and take them back to the storeroom.

After the Event

  • Set up Mobile fapp or pick up, if Take all rack’s to the dish room
  • Make sure chafing dishes are wiped down, clean and properly stored
  • Put all equipment and glasses back in the storeroom (see how to set up racks properly by color coding) handle all the same way
  • Make sure microphones, mic stand, and extension cords are put away in proper
  • Sweep and mop storeroom and back hall area and wipe down breakdown table
  • Make sure plants and decorations are placed in proper place
  • Take all trash to dumpster
  • Close out ballroom and storeroom properly
  • At all times work effectively and considerately with other

Guidance and Supervision:

The Hall Attendant is under the direct supervision and guidance of the ballroom manager. The position has promotional potential.

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