Banquet Mixologist (Baltimore, MD)

Banquet Mixologist (Baltimore, MD)

Posted 15 May 2023

  • Maryland
  • $15.00 - $18.00
  • Full time
  • editor

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TBest Staffing is looking for responsible and enthusiastic Banquet Mixologist.

The importance of your position can not be overstated. It’s a demanding position in which manners, attitude, patience, and perseverance play very big rolls. To serve our client’s guests in a friendly, efficient manner, you are a big part of that success!

If you meet the criteria below for this position,


(NOTE!!) To better serve guests and maintain our clients first class bar service, here are some guidelines that all candidates should make themselves very familiar with when accepting a  position with this client :

  1. Always address the customer with a smile and cheerfully greet them as they approach the bar, and “Thank-You” after they are served.
  2. Never Say NO!! If a customer makes a special request, signal your manager with the red bar light – Never Say NO!!
  3. It is your responsibility to make sure the front and back bars are kept clean at all times.
  4. Keep a constant watch on your liquor and bar stock levels. Never allow your supplies to run out. Use the speed rails for top liquor always.
  5. Remember to use the red bar light when needed.
  6. Never leave the bar without the manager’s approval if you have to leave the A stocked bar is never to be left unattended.
  7. Never serve alcohol to any employee or minors (card).
  8. No tip bowls are to be put out without a manger’s approval. Read and understand “Cash Bar Gratuity Policy” and “Bartender’s Gratuity Policy”.
  9. No drinks are to be served once the function is over without a manager’s approval.
  10. If you should encounter any type of conflict with a customer, notify your manager immediately with the red bar light.
  11. Do not make any irrelevant comment to the customer.
  12. Always examine the glasses for cracks or breaks.
  13. Never scoop ice with the glass itself.
  14. Do not double shot drinks, unless the customer requests so.
  15. We are under the same laws as public bars; 21 years old for any alcohol. DO NOT SERVE MINORS.
  16. Mixologists are to clean the bar area, equipment, slush machine, and ice machine area after every function.
  17. Report any maintenance required in writing to the manager.
  18. Hourly staff (non mixologists) are not allowed behind bars at anytime.
  19. Do not serve anyone who appears intoxicated – alert a manager.
  20. Drapes are to be pulled at the end of each party – confirm end time before closing the bar.
  21. No eating or drinking in or around the bar area.

All candidates must be able to work a flexible shifts, including weekends and holidays, sometimes more than eight hours at a time.

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