Certified Auto Mechanic (Baltimore, MD)

Certified Auto Mechanic (Baltimore, MD)

Posted 20 Sep 2022

  • Maryland
  • Negotiable
  • Full time
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Duties & Responsibilities

Auto Mechanics may be assigned different duties and responsibilities depending on their work environment and specialization. For example, Brake Technicians focus more on any issues related to car brakes than the rest of the car, while Transmission Technicians’ area of expertise is in transmission and gear-related issues. However, most Auto Mechanics share some major duties and responsibilities, including:

  • Using manual and computerized diagnostic methods to identify potential problems in a car
  • Explaining mechanical problems and possible solutions to clients
  • Planning work and testing procedures using charts, experience and other organizational methods
  • Testing parts and systems to ensure they work correctly
  • Ensuring all critical parts are checked and tested
  • Performing basic automotive care, including changing oil and rotating tires
  • Repairing or replacing worn, old or defective parts of a car
  • Repairing or modifying a car to a client’s specifications, if possible
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