Everything You Need to Know About a Staffing Agency

Searching for a job can be a very difficult phase of life. You will find yourself growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of callbacks and follow-ups from HR of different companies. Even though you did your best at creating a captivating resume that showcases your skills and experience in a professional manner, you still aren’t receiving the kind of response you expected.

Additionally, it can be quite difficult to filter out job positions and find a professional role that you would enjoy working at. That is where a staffing agency comes in to save the day (or your career)!

The main reason why staffing agencies are so popular nowadays is that they streamline the job hunting and hiring process. They are your perfect solution to find the ideal workplace to continue your professional growth and career development.

A staffing agency is any company that works to match workers with respective employers. These agencies search for candidates and match them to a job that they will do well. If you are registered on one of these sites, highly valuable candidates and recommend them to companies that are looking for individuals with certain skillsets. That is why you have a very good chance of landing your dream job with a staffing agency.

When you sign up with a staffing agency, you gain access to different hiring managers and other people who will be able to help you find work. This can be quite an impossible feat if you try to do this on your own.

So, let’s get to the matter at hand. How can you find your dream job that pays well using a staffing agency? Here are 8 simple steps to help you out!

1. Find an Agency With a Specific Specialization

Different staffing agencies around the world follow different processes to help you find a job. Due to this, each agency has its own list of pros and cons that you should carefully consider beforehand.

Be sure to spend a little time researching on the different sites. Read online reviews and learn about their process to see which one appeals to you the most. Also, ensure that the agency you pick caters to people of your chosen career and skillset.

When you’re conducting research, you will find that some sites are general, while others are built for specific kinds of work. We, at TBEST Staffing, are a company that offers lots of different jobs for people from all walks of life.

Lastly, remember that some agencies will charge you a fee for signing up while others offer their services for free. So, be sure to consider all of these factors before you select a staffing agency to help you find a job.

2. Complete the Registration Process

The staffing site you select will require you to register with them and submit a letter along with a resume. Your documents will be carefully reviewed by the agency, after which you may be asked to complete a short test to testify the contents of your resume.

The agency will then arrange an interview to gain a better understanding of your skills and the kind of work you are looking for. Once all of these steps have been completed, your resume will be approved. You might even receive some recommendations from the agency on how to make improvements to the resume.

3. Treat the interview seriously

Your interview with the staffing agency manager is one of the most important steps to finding your perfect job, so make sure you participate with full seriousness. The interview will allow the manager to find out more about your skills so they can hunt down the perfect job opportunity for you.

Before the interview, please make sure you are prepared well and dressed professionally. Speak politely and show the manager that you are a hardworking and dedicated individual. If you make a positive impression with the manager, they will be more likely to recommend you as the perfect candidate to their clients.

You can also ask the manager questions by the end of the interview. It is an excellent way to show them that you are attentive and willing to put in the work to get a good job.


4. Decide Between Temporary or Full-Time Jobs

Staffing agencies are mostly used to find employees for temporary roles. They are perfect for short-term projects since they can easily find lots of workers for a temporary job.

So, if you prefer working on a project-to-project basis instead of long-term, you can easily find your ideal gig through a staffing agency. It also helps organizations screen out their candidates, as they can hire employees for the short term and see how well they perform before taking them on board for the long haul.

It is best to discuss the kind of role you are looking for with your staffing manager beforehand. Inform them if you prefer long-term job opportunities instead of project work, so they can find you an appropriate role.

5. Let the Job Search Begin

After you are done with the interview, the next step in the process is searching for your dream job. The agency now has a full picture of you as a professional candidate so they can get to work on finding a role that you would perform well at.

You can think of the sixth step as being similar to actually applying for a job yourself, only this time you are doing it online with a middleman to help you streamline the process. Once the agency has determined your abilities and skills, you can rest assured that they will be able to find you a good job.

6. Keep Yourself Marketable

One of the best professional characteristics to acquire in our increasingly competitive professional world is the ability to keep learning and growing. The minute you stop learning, you start to lose your value in the working field. So, keep trying to acquire new skills and improve your abilities so that recruiters see you as a worthy candidate. You can go online and register for different courses to increase your skillset and gain useful knowledge.

Try your best to learn how to be the best at a job, as this gives you a massive advantage over other candidates. Learning new skills also allows you to create a more captivating resume, which is highly likely to attract recruiters.

7. Answer to Responses Quickly

Once you get a response from a recruiter, don’t sit on it. Hesitating or waiting during this time can lead to the recruiter simply turning their attention to the next best candidate, and it would turn into a wasted opportunity for you. So, the best course of action is to respond ASAP as employers do not wish to be kept waiting.

When your manager has found a good match for you, don’t second-guess yourself. They truly thought you were deserving of the role and hence suggested it to you. Apply with your resume and a cover letter through email and wait for them to reach out. You can send in a follow-up email around a week after applying and request your manager to schedule an interview with the HR team.

Numerous staffing agencies also assist their candidates with the interview process. They will help you fill out any forms and offer you tips so you can do your best during the interview and impress the recruiters.

8. Keep in Touch With the Staffing Manager

Lastly, be sure to keep in touch with your staffing manager. If you aren’t hearing back from the employers, feel free to ask your manager for some advice. They are highly experienced in how the recruitment process works and will offer you tips on how you can improve your resume and cover letter. Your manager might even recommend you some courses and programs to improve your skillset, so you have better chances of being employed at the company of your choosing.

Remember to stay involved and keep in contact with the staffing recruiters. They will be more likely to bring you jobs when they see how eager you are to work hard. Make it a practice to talk to them and discuss your opportunities at least once a week.

So, Do you Really Need a Staffing Agency?

By now, we are sure you can’t wait to register with a staffing agency like TBEST Staffing! It is a great way to showcase your resume and all of your abilities, while reaching out to the right kind of people who can land you your dream job.

The best part about staffing agencies is that they take the time to fully understand the kind of professional worker you are and how you wish to take your career forward before recommending different open positions to you.

All of these efforts will surely help you land a respectable and valued role at a firm that pays well. Best of luck in your professional growth through a staffing agency!