Temporary to Permanent employment Services

By partnering up your company with Tbest staffing you will allow yourself to hire the most professionals in your industry. We will provide all the necessary screening and reference checking. If you do want to try an employee but not ready to hire him full time, this is a great option for you. By picking temp to perm contract you will allow your management to test an employee for certain period of time without being liable to hire or fire this candidate. While your management is evaluating this candidate Tbest will provide all the necessary tools for the employee to get hired after probationary period. This option works well if you are searching for a great candidate that is not only a great employee but fits your organizational structure. Temporary workers that are allowed to be hired are always more effective and efficient. This option gives both parties a way to find out if the job is right for a candidate and if the employee is right for the job.

Temp to Perm solution

If the employee is in good standing with the company, we advocate for the employee to get hired full time with the client. If the client decides to hire the employee, they will be given a roll over date to onboard with the company. If the client does not wish to hire the candidate at this time, we also try to advocate for a pay increase based on attendance and performance. Once an employee has completed their hours, they are able to transfer with no cost. This makes an amazing opportunity to get great talent at no cost to your organization, since we will allow our employees to join your team after probationary period is over. Probationary period will be agreed by client and Tbest when your staffing solution management plan will be drafted. There is no easier way to get great talent then by making your temporary employee a permanent team player to your company.

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Free Transfer

This option gives you a free transfer from temporary employee to permanent.

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Employee Awareness

Employee gets to learn everything about your company and culture by not costing your company any extra money.

Weekly Evaluation

Temporary placement employees undergo evaluation every week to see if they are ready to join your organization after probationary period.

Feedback from clients and employees



Tbest service helped me during these not easy time to keep my job and paid me upfront for two months.
+ Very well organized company with world wide outreach.