Finding a capable recruiter

Are you looking for a new job? This is a very important search, as your results here will affect all your life in the future, and change a lot for you. It is important to find a good recruiter that will be able to bring you to the work you will love and enjoy.

The Internet is a good place to start, and there are many websites such as Linkedin, where you will be able to begin your research on the best recruiter and the best job for you. A good recruiter will make it possible to contact him via video or phone, and then you will be able to have a productive conversation and come to a good conclusion.

What are the best questions to ask while looking for a job with a recruiter? Here they are:

What’s your professional background?

It is important to have a recruiter with a rich background. It is good, if he had experience with the job you are looking for. Are you willing to be an accountant? Then find a recruiter who used to be an accountant himself, for he will be able to find you a decent job. He will know where to look and what to look for.

Also make sure you look for professionals that have a background in hiring personnel, because they will have experience in hiring. They may even have a track record that shows they have given people good jobs. Checking track records will show you if an agent has a history of success.

Read on for details that can help you find a good recruiter, and thus, find a good job.

What are your specializations?

Specialization is also important when looking for a recruiter that will help you find the job of your life. A job seeker with a background in manufacturing will look for a totally different job than an IT person or a social engineering worker, and a medical assistant will also be looking for a totally different kind of work. Different people need different solutions.

Generalists, though, are not looking for a specific job. Rather, they are looking for any work that they will be decent at. They do not have the necessary experience to find a very good job. And thus, if you are a generalist, you will need the aid of a recruiter to find you a job with good pay and conditions.

How do you find opportunities for candidates?

Stay away from recruiters without skill. There are many weak recruiters out there who simply match people to existing jobs that can be found online. It would be easy even for an unskilled internet user to do that himself. Professional recruiters do not do that – they directly contact companies and match people to jobs that fit them in every way. They will get you a much better position than you could do yourself.

What’s a typical hiring timeline in this market?

Ask the recruiter about today’s hiring process. How many interviews do people usually get, how long does it take from the first interview to your first day at work at your new job? If you have a deadline or a time when you would prefer to be hired, tell this to the recruiter. Actually, share as much info with him as possible, since it all will help him find a job for you.

What advice do you have for me?

Expect to share a lot of info with the recruiter. Tell him what you want, what you expect, and what would be ideal. Listen to their answers, and take this seriously – this will be important in the future. Sometimes the recruiter may also ask to see your resume and even help you upgrade it with a much better description of your skills and abilities. This will work to improve your chance of finding a good job.

After you have the conversation, reflect on it. Think about it. Did the recruiter completely understand what you are looking for and what skills you have? How did the conversation go? Did you feel that you have received complete answers to your questions? Do a full review of the conversation when it is over to get the maximum benefit from it.

Searching for a job is something that has to be taken seriously because it does not just work. It is the opportunity to get an even higher standing in society, a better income, and better perspectives in life. So do not work alone – find a recruiter to help you do this. A good recruiter will quickly move you to a much better job than you could have found alone. They can also help you move up, once you already have your job. A good recruiter can be contacted often, to help you move to other, better-paying jobs. And a recruiter will even be helpful when you get your own business and begin hiring people.